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Premature Failure of Ceramic Lined Pipe Spool

Keramos were supplied the ceramic lined pipe spool in the photograph by a customer to investigate its premature failure. The ceramic lined pipe (supplied by a competitor company) was manufactured such that the ceramic lining was comprised of three pieces (two straights and one elbow) with join lines between the ceramic sections.

It was clear that the failure was due to erosion and abrasion about the join in the ceramic.

In this type of application, Keramos supplies the ceramic as a one-piece cast product with no joins in the ceramic and our ceramic lined elbows do not have the problem such as that in the photograph. We can (in most cases) supply Y-pieces and Tee-pieces and custom made pipe spools with no joins in the ceramic lining. This is unique compared with that of our competitors’ products.

Typically, our ceramic lined pipe spools outlast steel pipes by 15-20 times and outlast rubber lined pipes by 8-12 times, proving very cost-effective and resulting in significant savings and reduced maintenance downtime.

We are happy to provide a no obligation quotation and references on request.

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