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Aboriginal Engagement Strategy



Keramos recognises Aboriginal people as the traditional custodians of this land who have a deep historical and spiritual connection to country, waterways, rivers and seas within our region. Keramos accepts Aboriginal people as the first inhabitants of Australia. They have lived on this land for many thousands of years and are recognised as one of the oldest living populations of the world, with unique languages and spiritual relationships. We pay our respects to past, present and future ancestors of the Aboriginal community.


Keramos acknowledges that past practices and policies impacted on the social and emotional wellbeing of Aboriginal people. Keramos recognise the pain and loss consequently placed on Aboriginal people, who were dislocated from their culture, displaced from their homelands and separated from their families. Keramos is committed to creating a place where people of all cultures are welcome, respected and have equal opportunity in the local community. 


This Aboriginal Engagement Strategy has been developed by Keramos to help identify and provide employment opportunities and lifestyle improvements for Aboriginal people throughout Western Australia, and Australia in general.



A future for Aboriginal people where they are provided with opportunities to reach their potential.  We wish for a future where Aboriginal people are treated with respect, and made to feel welcome as members of our community.  They will be afforded justice, compassion, and opportunities.




  1. Keramos to provide equal employment opportunities for Aboriginal people.

  2. Keramos to encourage Aboriginal applicants to apply for employment opportunities within Keramos.

  3. Provide support for Aboriginal employment opportunities external to Keramos.

  4. Engage the services of Aboriginal enterprises and subcontractors where possible.

  5. Donate part profits towards Aboriginal based charities.

Download Aboriginal Engagement Strategy

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