Slurry Pumps and Parts

Keramos slurry pumps and parts are a real alternative to OEM products, comparing or exceeding in quality while providing valuable cost-savings. Our wear-resistant lining materials are proven for consistent superior performance in harsh slurry applications. Offering a wide range of slurry pumps and parts, Keramos is a great alternative for your slurry pumping requirements.


Stock and Range

Keramos stock a wide range of replacement liners and parts for major OEM brand slurry pumps.  We also provide engineering design for slurry pump systems, to provide the most effective and affordable system designs.

Our slurry pump and parts product range includes the following:

  • Engineering Design Services
  • Centrifugal and Submersible Pumps
  • Bearing Assemblies
  • Volute Liners
  • Throat Bushes
  • Frame Plate Liners
  • Gland Packing
  • Expeller Rings
  • Lantern Rings
  • Shim Sets
  • Seals
  • Strainers
  • Casings

Slurry Pump Lining Materials

Every application is different and Keramos can evaluate the best material choices for your slurry pump linings.  Whatever the unique circumstances of your slurry pumping application, our experienced team can recommend the best solution to improve the performance, cost and lifetime of your pump and its linings.

Our wear resistant slurry pump lining materials includes:

Chrome Steel
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The Keramos range of chrome steels are the workhorse materials for those demanding maximum wear resistance.  We can formulate to your requirements or select from our range of proven chrome steel materials.

Natural and Synthetic Rubber
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A great budget-friendly option providing exceptional wear resistance and chemical resistance.  Keramos rubber slurry pump linings are industrially proven for their superior performance.

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Polyurethane slurry pump linings provide exceptional wear resistance while providing a broad range of chemical resistance.

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Ceramic materials provide maximum hardness and wear resistance.  However, due to the brittle nature of ceramics, the Keramos ceramic lined slurry pump range is limited to smaller pumps.