Spray Nozzles

Keramos manufacture and supply a wide range of spray nozzles for industrial applications. Whether standard or custom-designed, we can supply to your requirements.



Covering most of the common spraying applications in the mining and mineral processing industries, the range of Keramos spray nozzles include:

  • Pigtail Spiral Nozzles
    - Full Cone
    - Hollow Cone
  • Flat Fan Spray Nozzles
  • Screening Spray Nozzles
  • Sparging Nozzles
  • Duck Bill Nozzles
  • Condenser Nozzles
  • Atomiser Insert Nozzles
  • Special Purpose (Custom) Nozzles

Available in a wide range of materials including ceramic, polyurethane, rubber and specialty steels, Keramos spray nozzles can be tailored to your specific requirements.


Custom Spray Nozzles

Using 3D CAD modelling and flow simulations, Keramos engineers can design to your requirements.  We consider all of the operating conditions and incorporate the best material selections into our designs, to ensure best performance and longest possible life of the nozzle.

Whether for spraying abrasive slurry, spraying water, or for spraying particle/gas mixtures, at ambient or high temperature, and under all chemical conditions, Keramos engineers have the experience and knowledge to design to your unique requirements.

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