Polyurethane Products

Polyurethane wear resistant products provide benefits in chemical environments, impact resistance, and the ability to be easily cast into complex shapes. Providing outstanding wear resistance, Keramos polyurethane range of products are a good solution to many wear and corrosion resistant applications.



Keramos range of polyurethane products provide outstanding wear and corrosion resistance in the demanding conditions of the mining and mineral processing industries. Having the ability to be cast into a wide variety of shapes, Keramos polyurethanes are used in the following applications.

  • Pipe Linings
  • Cyclone Linings
  • Pump Linings
  • Impact Pads
  • Wheels and Rollers
  • Bushes and Plugs
  • Filters and Sieves
  • Sheets
  • Custom

Available in any colour of your choice, Keramos polyurethane products are a perfect choice for many abrasion or corrosion applications.



Polyurethanes are available in a wide variety of compositions, having a wide variety of properties.  Keramos engineers can assist with product selection, depending on your particular application.  Some typical indicative properties of Keramos polyurethanes are as given below.

Cured Specific Gravity
Plus IconsAccordion Minus Icons
  • 1.06-1.20gcm3
DIN Abrasion Resistance
Plus IconsAccordion Minus Icons
  • 30-120mm3
Plus IconsAccordion Minus Icons
  • 150-700%
Tensile Strength
Plus IconsAccordion Minus Icons
  • 30-60MPa
Plus IconsAccordion Minus Icons
  • 10 Shore A to 95 Shore A
  • 10 Shore D to 85 Shore D