Hydrocyclone Linings and Parts

Keramos offer an extensive range of hydrocyclone linings, casings and accessories. Over many years, we have proven the quality, performance and cost-savings of our hydrocyclone products. We offer a real alternative to OEM brands and we will work with you to develop custom parts if required.

Hydrocyclone Linings

Stock and Range

We stock a wide range of replacement liners and casings for the major OEM brands, and we can custom manufacture in your choice of materials and sizes.

Our hydrocyclone product range includes the following:

  • Feed Chambers and Cover Plates
  • Cones and Extension Barrels
  • Spigots and Vortex Finders
  • Inlet Adaptors and Overflow Pipes
  • Quick Release Clamps
  • Splash Guards and Duck Bills
  • Cyclone Assembly Stands
  • Distributors and Launders
Comprehensive Parts Catalogue


Every application is different and Keramos can evaluate the best material choices for your hydrocyclone linings.  Whatever the unique circumstances of your application, our experienced team can recommend the best solution to improve the performance, cost and lifetime of your hydrocyclone linings.

Our wear resistant hydrocyclone lining materials may include:

Chrome Steel
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Keramos provide high chrome steel spigots and vortex finders to be used in applications where ceramics cannot be used and where greater wear performance than rubber or polyurethane is required.

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Polyurethane liners are typically used in applications requiring certain chemical compatibility while providing exceptional wear resistance.

Natural or Synthetic Rubber
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Keramos offer a range of proven natural and synthetic rubbers tailored to our customers’ requirements.  A great choice for hydrocyclone linings where ceramics cannot be used for reasons of susceptibility to breakage, or for chemical compatibility.

Alumina Ceramic
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Alumina ceramic hydrocyclone linings provide very high wear resistance resulting in better performance and less maintenance.  They may be used in applications where silicon carbide ceramic is not suitable, such as for chemical compatibility.

Silicon Carbide Ceramic
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Silicon carbide ceramics are among the hardest materials available. Keramos silicon carbide ceramic hydrocyclone linings provide exceptional wear resistance for the most demanding conditions. Keramos silicon carbide hydrocyclone linings typically outperform rubber linings by 6-10 times to provide better performance, along with reduced maintenance and downtime.