Mine Hoses

Keramos mine hoses are a great solution for highly abrasive slurry applications, providing excellent abrasion and chemical resistance under pressure or under vacuum. Having the ability to bend around corners or structures, and the ability to allow for expansion and movement, Keramos mine hoses provide the flexibility often needed in handling harsh abrasive slurries.


Mine Hoses

Keramos mine hoses are available in highly abrasion resistant rubber or with alumina ceramic lining for the most demanding applications. Whether operating under pressure or under vacuum, in chemically challenging environments, or whatever the conditions of your application, Keramos mine hoses provide flexibility and adaptability in abrasive slurry applications.

Lining Materials

  • Highly abrasion resistant natural rubber
  • Highly abrasion resistant and chemical resistant synthetic rubber
  • Extreme abrasion resistant alumina ceramic

End Connections

  • Mine hose end connections may be ordered to your specifications and include:
  • Plain End
  • Flanged (fixed or swivel)
  • Grooved (roll or cut)
  • Threaded
  • Muff Coupling
  • Custom

Mine Hose Types & Variations

Mine hoses come in various types and selection of the correct type of hose can dramatically affect the cost, performance and life of the hose. Whether your application is high pressure, vacuum, extreme abrasion, tight angle, or requires chemical compatibility, Keramos can recommend the best type of hose for your requirements. Examples of the various types mine hoses includes:

Y-Piece and T-Piece
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Y-Piece and T-Piece hoses combine material from two hoses into one hose. Each hose may be the same or different size and the location of offtakes may be customised. Y-Piece and T-Piece mine hoses may be made to your custom requirements for size, flange type and liner type.

Concentric/Eccentric Reducer
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Used for connecting pipes of different diameters.  The centre lines of the two pipes may either align (concentric) or be off centre (eccentric).  Reducer mine hoses may be made to your custom requirements for size, flange type and liner type.

Preformed Bend
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For applications requiring a bend radius of less than 5D or requiring a specific angle, preformed bend hoses provide all of the benefits of regular mine hoses.  Preformed bends may be made to your custom requirements for angle, radius, size, flange type and liner type.

Discharge Hose
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Used for discharge applications only and does not contain wire reinforcement.  Ideal for abrasive applications to transfer slurries, sand and gravel in mineral processing and for tailings discharge.  A minimum bend radius of 10D and is best used for straights or long sweeping bends.

Suction Hose
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Reinforced with a high-tensile steel wire helix and polyester fabric reinforcement, with the ability to withstand high internal pressure or vacuum. A minimum bend radius of 6-8D and an operating temperature of -30C to 75C.  Excellent tear resistance and suitable for use in slurry, tailings, gravel and general materials handling.  Liner materials include highly abrasion resistant rubber, synthetic rubber and alumina ceramic (for extreme wear resistance).