Impact Wear Pads

Keramos Duresist® ceramic impact pads provide ultimate abrasion resistance for large areas. Available in a wide range of styles and materials to best suit your particular abrasive wear situation. Easily replaceable where needed, increasing equipment wear life and decreasing production downtime.


Impact Wear Liners

Keramos Duresist® rubber-backed ceramic wear liners are a versatile solution for problem wear areas in mineral processing industries and other industrial processes. They can be used in wet and dry applications as well as in high impact areas. Some common applications include:

  • Chutes
  • Hoppers
  • Launders
  • Screen Feed Plates
  • Transfer Points
  • Conveyor Skirt Liners
  • Stackers and Reclaimers

Duresist® rubber ceramic wear liners are designed to provide a range of performance options across a wide variety of industrial applications. Duresist® wear-resistant alumina or ZTA ceramic tiles are available in various styles to best suit your application.



Keramos Duresist® rubber ceramic wear liners are generally available as flat mats (that can be cut and glued into place) or pads (that are bolted into place).  The mats and pads are available in a range of different styles and material types. The most common ceramic materials are alumina for high wear areas requiring maximum wear resistance, or in ZTA ceramic for wear areas that require toughness as well as high abrasion resistance.

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  • Material:   A92
  • Styles: Hex, Square
  • Thickness: 5-30 mm
  • Sizes: 300 x 300mm,  500 x 500mm
Plus IconsAccordion Minus Icons
  • Materials: A92, ZTA
  • Styles: Rectangular, Hex, Cylinder
  • Thickness: 37-63mm
  • Sizes: 300 x 300mm,  500 x 500mm