Miscellaneous Products

Keramos specialise in abrasion resistant, corrosion resistant and thermal resistant materials and products. The list of applications is extensive, and we can custom manufacture to your requirements.


Miscellaneous Ceramic Products

Ceramic materials are widely used in abrasive, corrosive and thermal applications.  Keramos engineers can assist with material selection and design for your particular application.

  • Brick Industry Products
    - Core Buttons
    - Burner Nozzles
    - Bridge Sleeves
    - Pug Knives and Paddles
    - Die Bases
  • Ceramic Tiled Augers
  • Laboratory Wear
    - Crucibles and Pots
    - Milling Jars
    - Kiln Furniture
    - Trays and Dishes
  • Castable Ceramics
  • Agitators
  • Deflection Cones
  • Sampling Tubes
  • Static Mixers
  • Thermocouple Sheaths

Other Miscellaneous Products

Keramos Steel fabrication division manufacture a wide range of miscellaneous products including:

  • Mobile Welder and Generator Frames
  • Diesel Tanks
  • Underground Shelters and Toilets
  • Grizzly Screens
  • Bollards
  • Steel Racks and Sheet Racks

Other miscellaneous products provided by Keramos include:

  • PTFE Lined Pipes
  • UHMWPE Sheets, Pipes and Elbows
  • Skirting Rubber
  • Epoxies and Resins
  • Thermal Insulation

Whatever solution you are looking for in an abrasion, corrosion or thermal resistant application, discuss with our friendly sales team to see if we can assist.  Our engineers can custom design to your requirements.

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