Keramos is located in Port Kennedy, Western Australia in the heart of the Western Australian mining industry.  We have customers throughout all states of Australia and supply throughout the world to countries including Canada, New Zealand, Laos, Vietnam, Kazakstan, Panama, Peru, South Africa, Eritrea, Senegal, South Africa, Mali, Tanzania and USA.



Founded in 2007, Keramos has grown quickly to become the leading supply company for many of the products in our range.  Our customers have embraced the quality of our products, direct and indirect cost savings, and our commitment to excellence in service.

Company founder and Managing Director, Dr. Graeme Dean heads the Keramos Technical and Engineering department.  Having completed a Bachelor's degree in Chemistry and a Ph.D. in Materials Engineering (Ceramics), Graeme worked for many years in a sales/engineering capacity designing ceramic wear solutions in mining and processing industries. In addition, Graeme has worked continuously in the mining industry in various sales/technical roles for chemical companies, mining supply companies, and as a manager for a major engineering consultancy company. With over 20 years experience in ceramics and their applications in the mining industry, Graeme brings his passion, knowledge and experience to Keramos to provide the highest quality, most cost-effective solutions for our customers.


Graeme has brought together a highly energetic team whose focus is delivering the quality, value and service that Keramos customers enjoy.  We hope to build on our achievements and with the backing of our talented and dedicated staff, our aim is to be the clear leader in the supply of wear resistant solutions throughout the mining and processing industries.


Keramos Technical and Engineering department have world leading expertise in the design of wear resistant products for mining and processing industries. Our approach is to provide our customers with the best available materials designed such that our solutions will be the longest lasting, yet most cost-effective for our customers.


Keramos are constantly being asked by our customers to design wear solutions in new and challenging applications. We have a passion for providing innovative solutions and thoroughly enjoy surprising our customers with performance results that they may not have thought possible.


Keramos understand that good service, open communication and strong relationships with our customers are essential in our industry. We have a great track record in customer service and through regular communication we are able to ensure that our customers remain satisfied.




We build our products to best design practice and believe that they should be long lasting and durable. This reduces maintenance costs for our customers, increases plant up-time and ensures consistency of performance.