Product Case Study

Cast A05 Elbow Spool

June 11, 2024


A Mineral Sands Mine in the South west region of Western Australia were using a DN250 mild steel long radius elbow spool with robot welded 5mm hard face applied internally, as a Warman 10/8 AH slurry pump discharge spool. The spool in this arrangement was causing concern to the site maintenance team after approximately 6 months service life.

In 2016, Keramos were approached by site Engineers to design a longer lasting alternative to the current hard faced mild steel elbow which would extend service intervals.

Spool working conditions

  • Pump type - Warman 10/8 AH rotary screen underflow pump discharge.
  • Media - Mineral sands - predominately sand, clay and gravel mixture. Maximum particle size - 50mm
  • Line speed - 4m/Sec
  • Line pressure - 200-250Kpa


After a in-depth consultation process between site Engineers and the Keramos design department, a one piece hardback cast high chrome steel A05 90 °Elbow with machined flange faces and flange strengthening gussets was approved for construction.


The elbow spool was installed in October 2016 and is still in service as of June 2024!! The trial has been so successful that our customer has installed them in other problem areas in the plant.

The price of DN250 cast A05 Elbow was comparable to original DN250 Hard faced Mild steel elbow.


Direct replacement to the original 10/8 AH pump discharge elbow.

Significant cost savings through improved longevity and reduced maintenance.

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