Product Case Study

Ceramic Lined Mine Hose

June 11, 2024


A gold mine in Western Australia was using standard rubber mine hoses in their processing plant. These hoses had an average service life of 4 months.

Keramos approached the maintenance team with a proposal for a ceramic lined mine hose that would extend the service intervals.


Keramos proposed the use of a ceramic lined mine hose. The hose we supplied was 200NB x 6100mm long, complete with 1 x fixed Table D steel flange at one end and open ended on the other. The hose has 10mm x 4mm alumina ceramic discs embedded in rubber

The ceramic lined mine hose was installed in their gravity screen to ball mill circuit line.


After 7 months in operation, the hose was replaced. The maintenance team are very satisfied with the improvement in service life and cost-effective solution provided by Keramos.


The standard rubber mine hose was changed out every 4 months and the Keramos ceramic lined mine hose is changed out every 7 months, saving the customer on parts and labour costs.

These hoses are now a stocked item at this site.

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