Product Case Study

Falcon Concentrator Lid

June 11, 2024


A gold mine processing plant in Western Australia had experienced major wear issues with Falcon concentrator lids to the point where the 25mm thick rubber lining required replacing every 6-8 weeks. Keramos were asked to provide a better solution.


The main wear area was located in one zone. The slurry causing the wear was a very abrasive sulphide ore with a particle size less than 1mm. Some previous attempts at installing ceramic tiles had failed due to poor design whereby slurry had been able to penetrate joins in the ceramic, resulting in premature failure.


Keramos installed a series of siliconised silicon carbide ceramic tiles to the main wear area. The tiles were custom engineered with stepped joints to prevent ingress of material behind the joins. The wear life of the lid was extended from 6-8 weeks to an amazing 182 weeks! This is over twenty times the wear life of the original rubber lid.


Direct savings achieved totalled AUD$130,000 or approximately AUD$40,000 per year.

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