Product Case Study

Rubber Liners 400CVX Hydrocyclone

June 11, 2024


A gold operation in the Western Australian Goldfields were using OEM R55 natural rubber liners in their 400CVX cyclones. These rubber liners had a service life average of 80 days/11.5 weeks.  The metallurgist was looking to improve the service life of the liners and approached Keramos for advice.


Keramos has successfully supplied our R55 natural rubber equivalent liners to similar sites around the world, with great results. Keramos R55 natural rubber cover plate liner; Feed chamber liner, upper and lower cone liners were supplied for a trial.


Inspection was made at completion of the trial. Results compiled showed an average service life of 133 days compared with an average of 80 days for the OEM liners.

The service life improvement of greater than 60% and the cost effectiveness of these parts has resulted in the operation changing their stock holding to the Keramos R55 liners.


The Keramos R55 natural rubber liners outperformed the OEM liners by over 60% in terms of wear life and in unit cost outlays of around 20% less. Significant saving were made on spares, labour costs and through improved performance.

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