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Ceramic grinding media








We pride ourselves in our customer focus and providing service levels which exceed our customer’s expectations. This means being responsive to our customers’ needs and maintaining an excellent standard of communication throughout all stages of supply.


Keramos understand the critical importance of Quality Control. Our customers rely on us to ensure that our media is of consistent quality. All stages of manufacture and supply undergo strict testing and inspection and no media is supplied without a clearance certificate from our laboratory.


Our focus is to save money for our customers. This is achieved firstly by selection of the correct media for our customer’s particular application and then by maintaining cost competitive pricing, combined with high levels of service and quality.


Our flagship products are our 92% Alumina Ceramic Media and Middle Alumina Medias. These are proven world-leading products and exceptional value for money. Complementing our alumina media is ZTA, Sintered Zirconium Silicate and ZrO2 media. We can also custom manufacture to particular formulations on request.

Continual improvement

Keramos have never rested on our laurels. We are continually seeking to develop improvements in our business. Our ceramic grinding media has evolved into a world-leading brand and through continual improvement practices, we aim to be a clear leader in this field.



Keramos has rapidly evolved as a leading supplier of ceramic grinding media for ultra-fine grinding applications for many reasons.

Technical Data

Keramos Ceramic Grinding Media Web Site

Further information about Keramos Ceramic Grinding Media can be found on our dedicated web site. 

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