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Hydrocyclone linings



Ceramic hydrocyclone linings offer the potential of significant cost savings compared with traditional rubber linings.  Typically ceramics will outlast rubber linings by 8-12 times in wear resistance and are very competitively priced.  Further savings are realized through reduced maintenance, and production benefits are realized through consistency in spigot and vortex finder size.


Keramos offer siliconised silicon carbide (SiSiC) as a standard material for all of our hydrocyclone linings.  This is a premium ceramic and is typically the most cost-effective material used in this type of application.  We also offer nitride bonded silicon carbide (NSiC) ceramic for applications where higher impact toughness is required and alumina (Al2O3) ceramic linings for increased chemical resistance.



Keramos provide rubber hydrocyclone linings for applications where ceramic linings are not suited.  Our rubber linings have typical service life compared with OEM parts, but are usually much less expensive.  We keep stock of linings for major brands and can supply custom grades of rubber as required.



PU hydrocyclone linings provide excellent chemical and wear resistance and can be very cost-effective.  A range of PU grades are available for specialty applications.



  • Spigots

  • Vortex Finders

  • Cones

  • Feed Chambers

  • Splash Guards

  • Overflow Pipes

  • Adaptors

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