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New "State of the Art" Grinding Media Production Facility Opens

Our new grinding media production facility in China has "state of the art" technology to ensure consistency and quality.  The capacity is twice that of the previous facility.

We are thrilled to have the most technologically advanced grinding media production facility in the world and we look forward to being the "supplier of choice" for ceramic grinding media to the most discerning clients.

500CVX Liners

Keramos has recently introduced the complete range of 500CVX compatible rubber hydrocyclone liners. Our customers can now enjoy significant savings compared with OEM parts. Available in natural and synthetic rubbers.

Flat Spray Nozzles

Keramos introduce our range of polyurethane flat spray nozzles.  Available in a range of standard or custom sizes. Cost effective, strong and duranble.

Ceramic Agitator Blade

A silicon carbide ceramic agitator blade for use in a slurry application, custom designed for one of our customers.

Ceramic Orifice Plate

A silicon carbide ceramic orifice plate designed by Keramos for ultimate service life.

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